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We are an organization that is dedicated to sharing the stories of historical figures who have impacted the world in a lasting and positive way through their acts of courage, bravery and selflessness. Throughout history in times of great turmoil and strife, many people have made the choice to stand up for what is right, shelter those who needed care or work to make the lives of others better for future generations to come.

Our website is an ever-expanding list of these heroic individuals. Some have received a lot of recognition for their achievements and contributions, while others are less well known, but everyone you will learn about in our Gallery of Heroes is special and they deserve a marker in history for what they have accomplished.

Our directories have a wide cross section of people spanning different time periods, regions of the world and various causes that range from philanthropy to medicine to civil rights, and so much more. There are many ways to give back to society as a a whole and we hope that the stories you read about these exceptional individuals will inspire you to see the potential in your own life to help others.