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Alan Turing

Alan Turing changed the world not once, but twice. He altered the course of World War II by cracking codes and followed that up with groundbreaking work on computers.

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Guy Môquet

Guy Môquet is a symbol of French resistance and national pride after being executed by the occupying Germans. His final letter to his family is remembered across France.

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John Snow

John Snow, considered to be one of the fathers of epidemiology, is most widely known for his discovery of the source of the 1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak in London.

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo is the most preeminent and influential scientist to have ever lived. In the words of Stephen Hawking, he “perhaps more than any other single person, was responsible for the birth of modern science.”

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Frank Zappa

The list of those influenced by Zappa is as long as it is varied, both within musician and across the artistic community. His name is synonymous with the highest standard of musical excellence and integrity.

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Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges was among the first black children, among chants of “two, four, six, eight, we don’t want to integrate!” to attend an all-white elementary school in New Orleans.

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