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Bayard Rustin

As a strategist he was crucial to the organization of the March on Washington and his desire for non-violent protest was one that saw him work closely with Martin Luther King. As an openly gay man in a time when homosexuality was criminalized, Rustin’s effectiveness was somewhat limited, as people’s prejudices got the better of […]

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Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich gained fame for her role in battling the Pacific Gas and Electric Company who had been leaking poisonous compounds into the local water supply of Hinkley, California.

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Evans Wadongo

Wadongo’s vision is to transform rural communities by making light free and possible. He believes that solar powered light can lift them out of poverty.

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Luis Soriano

Luis Soriano, a modest 38 year old teacher in La Gloria, Colombia, believes in the power of a book. He began his teaching career with a job reading to students, and soon realized that there was a critical education gap in the community.

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